Sizing for Running and Nordic Walking Poles

Sizing yourself for Trail Running and Nordic Walking poles is very easy. 

First check your height against the summer image/chart below supplied by Leki. 

Next, think about what you really want; 

  • Are you a trail runner? 
  • Are you a nordic walker? 
  • Will you be using the poles for both applications? 

We assume you will. If you train to use your trail running poles with Mountain Run, then they will take you through a whole range of skill sets from Nordic Walking all the way through to Trail Running with them. 

Leki assume you will either do one or the other, we know when you are our running the trails and racing, you will be using all styles as you progress through the mountains surrounding you. 

Once you have checked your size on the chart, go find a tape measure. Put on your trail/mountain running shoes and then get a friend/family member to measure from the floor [next to your heal, in shoes] to the right-angle bend in your elbow. Then add between 3 to 5cm to this measurement and this is your size. 

What happens if you are between sizes? 

Longer trail sticks means more forward propulsion. More propulsion means more effort per-pole strike. 

Shorter trail sticks means less forward propulsion. Less propulsion means less effort per-pole strike. 

For Nordic Walkers we recommend 5cm less in Trail Running Pole height and for Trail Runners we advise 5cm more, as per the Leki chart above. 

Feeling a little confused? 

Give is a call; 07976 949488 and we'll discuss it with you.